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Facility Overview

■ 2F - 5 to 25 people

· Full length tables x 8
· White board
· TV

■ 4F - 5 to 15 people

· 4 desks
· WiFi
· White board


Address 〒102-0083 Kojimachi Takazen Building 4-8 Kojimachi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
TEL 03-3261-1789
E-MAIL info@editory.jp
Address Tokyo Metro Yurakucho Line Kojimachi Station

Hours of Operation

Weekday 2F ¥6000 / 1hr
4F ¥5000 / 1hr
Saturday / Sunday *Same as weekly rate
Please Note * Post · If you wish to register your business address for this location, only 12000 yen / month
※ All prices are pre-tax
※ We do not accept food and drink. Those who wish to bring in food or drink please consult the “About / More Information” form for food and cleaning fees
※ Reservations are accepted in units of 30 minutes after 3 hours.
* Reservations are possible 1 hour in advance. If reserved online and advance payment with credit card is made.
* Hourly rates include the time of entering and exiting the space. Additional fee will be applied for use outside of reserved hours
※ 30% extra fee will be charged for use on weekends and holidays
30% extra fee will be charged for use from 8: 00am to 9: 00am
※ If you use after 21:00, we will charge 30% extra night charge.
※ We can not accept equipment or packages prior to use
The number of people using the space must be within the stipulated limits
Movement (arrangement) of chairs, desks, etc. is allowed, but please return to the original state within the reservation time after using the space
※ Please refrain from bringing in animals, items that may become a source of danger, noise, vibration.
※ If you damage equipment, furnishings, etc. inside the room, you will be assessed fees necessary to repair or replace if needed
※ Smoking is NOT PERMITTED inside the building
※ Please dispose of garbage yourself
※ Please understand beforehand that usage fee etc may be changed without notice
※ If you wish to change the layout or need additional services · furnishings, please contact us at least 3 business days in advance
Depending on the style of usage, there may be extra charges in addition to the regular fee

Current Reservation Calendar

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