About Yasutomi Co., Ltd.

About Yasutomi Co., Ltd.

Yasutomi Co., Ltd. was founded in 1924. The company was granted an Imperial Household Promotion to official interior decoration shop, or “Washi”, for Tatami, Fusuma and Shoji.

In addition, we constructed numerous public and private facility interiors, and our craftsmen’s sincere, polite and high quality approach to the projects received high praise.

In 1974, following the completion of the Yasutomi Building located in Jimbocho.
we expanded our business model by entering the small and medium-sized real estate market.

In 2008 we acquired the building, land building, and real estate trading licenses.

In recent years, the real estate market has become saturated, especially in the small and medium-sized property asset segments. Therefore, we specialize in consulting, management and marketing services to revitalize the property, increase revenue and enhance the digital marketing footprint of the clients properties.

Yasutomi Co., Ltd. Management Properties: 

EDITORY Jimbocho
EDITORY Asakusabashi
CharinCo HOSTEL Osaka