EDITORY Jimbocho


EDITORY Jimbocho is a working lounge located in Jimbocho, Chiyoda Ward (known by Japanese as the “book city”) and serves as a base of operations for professionals, entrepreneurs, start-up companies, college students, and residents of the Jimbocho area.

The name EDITORY is a combination of the words edit and territory… EDITORY. We encourage our visitors to change their environment through their entrepreneurial spirit, dedication, and creativity.

From time-sensitive editors, self-employed writers, photographers, venture capitalists, media producers, to general business people with time to relax before their next meeting often gather at EDITORY.

Drop in rates are offered for all individuals. Members are able to access the exclusive member only lounge on the 4F, 24/7.

By overlapping knowledge, skills, ideas, and shared space of residents, we can create something new beyond one area of expertise. It is a working lounge with a high degree of freedom. It is a place of personal transformation to change various ideas from old to new, analog to digital.

On the second floor, an event space with capacity for 80 people and a full-service kitchen is also provided to members.

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EDITORY Asakusabashi


EDITORY Asakusabashi is a workspace based on the theme of manufacturing. The workspace consists of 8 separate offices, a meeting space, photography room, kitchen and day use area.

All-women teams are responsible for DIY projects with the exception of interior decoration events. It is an impressive office space for creating fashion wear and women’s decorations.

The Asakusabashi area is an eclectic side of Tokyo. There are many shops dealing handmade supplies, so their are always women visiting the area to purchase accessories to customize their clothes, DIY enthusiasts, handmade sweets vendors, etc.

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